The ‘HUNTED’ trilogy is scheduled for publication early 2018, but I thought I’d put book one out there to wet the appetite.

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Hunted  The Sacrifice (Book One) 

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Strange things are happening in the Cornish town of Fowey, and when nurse Eliza Hamilton is mugged late one evening on her way home from work, a mysterious stranger appears from the darkness and saves her. But is this man her hero, or does he have a more sinister reason for wanting her kept alive?

The man disappears back into the night before the police arrive, and Eliza questions if he was, in fact, a figment of her imagination.

That is until he shows up on her doorstep – and all hell breaks loose again.



Hunted – Purgatory’s Coming (Book Two)

Hunted – The Unknown (Book Three)

Somebody To Die For

The Stalker