Born in Essex, Donna has enjoyed writing stories from the moment she could construct letters into words.

After a varied, and sometimes extremely adventurous job career, which included OK! Magazine and Essex Police, she returned to her first love, and embarked on a career in writing. With publishing credits for freelance and commissioned magazine articles, she has now turned her attention, and imagination, to what she is best at – story telling.

Having taught the odd writing class with WANA International, Donna has just finished her second thriller novel and is now deep into plotting the third, and final, instalment.

Donna has also co-written two TV pilots for the American market, and is currently working on a six-part television comedy, for which she also produced and directed a ‘short’.

A self confessed adrenaline junkie, when time permits, Donna craves anything that ‘will get the heart pumping’, including storm chasing, mud runs, fright nights, and anything else considered exciting, if not a little dangerous. (She wants her next endeavour to involve a zombie infested shopping mall).

She volunteers for Ormiston Prison Services and for Essex Offender Services while studying for a degree in Forensic Psychology. Plus, she proudly boasts finishing the 2010 London Marathon, although will not divulge where she was placed, or the time she finished it in.